Do I Still Live in America?

We have lived in Eucha, Oklahoma since 2002 but the United State Postal Service does not come to our house.  About six weeks ago I ordered something from JCPenny and she said in broken English, “We do not mail to P.O. Box.” Me is loud voice: What??? You have for 15 years. JCP: No, you must have physical address.  If one could slam down a cell phone that would be so great.  I have a company 12 miles from me that told me I could use their physical mailing address so I tried ordering again using online ordering.  ERROR MESSAGE:  Not valid address.  I emailed corporate to advise them I would NO LONGER BE ORDERING ANYTHING FROM THEM EVER.  I haven’t heard one word.

Last Friday I was the the beauty shop with my hair in foil and my husband called and asked me for the JC Penny’s roadside service telephone number.  I have him ALL the information so I wouldn’t have to get up out of the chair again.  He called back.  They said the card expired. THEY NEVER TOLD US.  We have had that card since 1990.  That would be nineteen ninety AD.

About an hour ago I called JCP.  I got transferred eight (8) times.  Not one person spoke clear English, say like Southern English, like Texans.  I prepared coffee, make apple with peanut butter and when I finally got another weirdo on the line FINALLY I said:  I WANT TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!!!!!  Thank God, I am the primary card holder.  She could not believe that after being such a loyal customer ALL these years I would close.  All cards have been cut to shreds and that was easy since I was so angry.

Then I called AAA who answered without me pressing 1 for ____, 2 for____, if you want this department press 3…. and got a real American, opened up an account, she is emailing me the entire package with cards included.

Just so you will know, because I know that you do want to know, in the past two years I closed Target account because they don’t allow me to carry my concealed weapon.  I do not remember why I closed Kohls but it was somethings against my rights as an American and now I have closed JCP.  If it were not for John Gulley being the primary card holder I would close Lowes.  I tried.  I couldn’t.  I might tell you that five year floor saga some other time.