Furtick Keeps Demonstrating He is Unqualified.

Dumbest thing that I have heard since noon today.

We welcome another new contributor, Edward Benitez, as he biblically critiques a sermon given by Steven Furtick…

“In a recent sermon given by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church around Christmas 2016, Furtick continues to demonstrate that John Macarthur is right in his assessment that Furtick is indeed ‘unqualified to be a pastor by not properly handling God’s word’ (2 Timothy 2:15).

In a sermon titled “By Invitation Only,”  Furtick focuses on John 2:1-11, which relates the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Furtick gave this sermon to talk on (to quote Furtick) “What to do when your joy is running low” and to show that “God has something special in store for you, but it’s by invitation only.”

This interpretation, it appears, comes from Furtick’s understanding that wine represents joy in the Bible as well as the word ‘invitation’, found in John 2:2.

“On the third day a wedding…

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