Leaving the NAR Church: Malcolm’s story.

Our good friend and fellow polemicist Amy Spreeman, contributor to Pirate Christian Radio, presents the 6th in her series about those who found themselves in this dreadful bondage, and what happene…

Source: Leaving the NAR Church: Malcolm’s story.


You Got the Wrong Jesus


Jordan Hall shared Joshua Feuerstein‘s photo.

If your Jesus gets banned from the White House, school house, out house or hen house and he needs permission to get let back in, you got the wrong Jesus. Jesus is king, and will go wherever He well pleases.

If your Jesus comes and goes with a particular political party, you got the wrong Jesus. If He needs a particular political party, you got the wrong Jesus. If he needs Donald Trump (or Barack Obama) to give him a hall pass, you got the wrong Jesus. The only door he knocks on is the church; the rest he kicks down.

If your Jesus exists in a world in which Donald Trump is president and he’s a bellhop carrying luggage, you got the wrong Jesus.

Finally, this is exactly why the Second Commandment exists; to prevent stupid men from portraying their stupid idols in stupid ways and calling it “Jesus.”

As Justin Peter’s would say, “God will do what He jolly well pleases.”


C3 San Diego’s Drew Davies sermon reviewed on Fighting For The Faith

The sermon? was awful.


We invite our readers to listen to Drew Davies as he preaches a recent Christmas sermon at C3 San Diego. In his sermon Drew Davies says what they offer at C3 San Diego is “hope” – that they are “hope dealers, not dope dealers”.

Sadly the false hope being peddled by C3 San Diego is as addictive as any illegal substance.

Chris Rosebrough “I don’t know what that was. Just a hodge-podge of out of context verses sloganized and the obligatory nod that salvation is a gift, Jesus did his thing, now bow your head, close your eyes and pray this prayer and we’ll sneak you right into the kingdom of God.

The state of the church at the end of 2016 is abysmal. The leaders that people have gathered to themselves do not know how to rightly handle God’s Word. They’re not qualified to be pastors, preachers or…

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