The NAR – You Will Know Them By Their Nuts

Don’t want my grands near this woman. That’s all I can say here.

The NAR is one of the biggest cults that have invaded Christianity today, causing the world to consider Christianity is as extreme as extreme radical Muslims.

Peter Wagner is recognised as the head of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). He has helped define it, form it, defend it, lead it and govern it.

02CWCPortrait_Peter Wagner

The Hillsong movement and the C3 Church movement from Australia (and the Australian and New Zealand AOG) are apart of the NAR cult. City Harvest Church and New Creation Church from Singapore and Yoido Full Gospel Church from South Korea are part of the NAR cult. The ‘Embassy of God’ is also an NAR cult. All these churches have been exposed for either coverup, sexual abuse, financial scandals, fraud and so on.

The propaganda arm of the NAR are the TBN network, the CBN network, the CharismaMag, Charisma News and many other so-called Christian publishing houses or “Christian” channels. So it is worth any government or media…

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The City Harvest lurch

Seems judgment is beginning in the house of God.

After all the prophetic utterances of Phil Pringle on the rise of City Harvest Church, Kong Hee and his golden CHC empire is in decline…

The Straits Times reports,

City Harvest attendance declines again

Last year’s 6% drop a continuation of steady fall since criminal probe into church leaders began in 2010

Attendance at City Harvest Church (CHC) – whose leaders were convicted last year of misusing $50 million in church funds but have filed an appeal, has dipped for another year.

The megachurch drew a congregation of 16,482 last year, according to its 2015 annual report released late last month. This is a 6 per cent drop from 2014.

Numbers have been falling since a criminal investigation into church leaders began in 2010.

Church members told The Sunday Times that while they still believe in the church’s leadership, the criminal case shone a very public spotlight on the scandal…

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