Charlotte Gulley


When I have to go to my optometrist or a physician it is usually a 45 minute drive and I like to take a friend, eat lunch and shop.  Yes, I like shopping.  I live in the boonies and sometimes we are not on GPS.  So, yesterday I had to go the the optometrist.  In the optometrist’s office I am getting all the pictures of my eyes on three different machines. Lawd!  I’ve been going there since 2002 so I’ve known Jada all those years.  I basically talk all of the time because here on the lake there is NO ONE to talk to except my adopted dog, Reba.

I start telling Jada about this old lady at the circle maker church at the funeral last Thursday and I’m letting my hair grow long because I want to.  This Ruby asked me at the funeral if I was trying to be a teenager and I say YES!  I guess she is deaf. Jada looked at me with a shocked look.  Now we are walking into the examining room and she asked what the Circle Maker Church was and I told them that the pastor starting teaching out of the book, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and I left.  She asked me what was wrong the the book and I asked, “Have you read it?”  She said, “Yes.”  I said, “Well, number one you do not have to pray audacious prayers for God to answer you AND we are not to draw circles around us when we pray.  Wiccans do that.”  She replied that the author didn’t have circles until the last part of the book….plus I had to explain what a wiccan was.  I told her that I googled the book and found this guy name Chris Rosebrough who had three YouTube videos debunking The Circle Maker.  She said that she had never heard of him.  I told her that I have listened for two years and got deprogrammed from 68 years of brainwashing. The doctor came in and rescued Jada…well, because he had to examine my eyes.  I wish I could have spent another 30 minutes with her.

THEN we went to my once favorite boutique and she was playing Hillsong music.  My friend and I both got a creepy feeling.  YES.WE.DID.  Another woman comes into the store and exclaims, “Oh, I love Hillsong.”  I exlaimed loudly, “Brian Houston is a heretic and I do not listen to that.”  Dead silence.

I will probably be banned from Vinita, Oklahoma.  Oh wait….they like my money.




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